Twins M1 + Hornet M1 at Recruit! (Kits at Recruit #2) – Tanki Online – Ghost Animator TO

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This is my second installment in my “Kits at Recruit” Series ( One of my Originals XD )

I hope you will enjoy the video ^.^
Comment which kit you want next ( But make sure it’s an M1 Kit not an M2 cause we don’t have that kind of technology to get an M2 at Recruit Rank in Tanki Online currently )

I know I didn’t posted much this month but now I’m Back!
And you will see how consistent I’m :3

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Ghost_Animator_XP (My Brother)

Song 1 : Crossfire Hype (Goblin Mashup) –

Song 2 : King Kong x Fractures (Goblin Mashup) –

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