The runescape cheat everyone has tried

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The runescape “cheat” everyone has tried
While finding methods to make a part 2 of my oldest money making methods video, I discovered a couple of these old “cheat” websites for runescape. These websites feature cheats, tips and tricks, money making methods, and more from players all the way back in 2004! Including ones that you guys mentioned in the comments of my last video, one that still works to this day…

Scary 2:

Epidemic Sant Antoni – Rolla Coasta
Epidemic Cold as Ice (Instrumental Version) – Particle House
Epidemic Sunshine Rune – Brendon Moeller

Elevator Music – Vannos Gaming Background Music
Cartoon Music (Mattia Cupelli)

Martys Got a Plan – Kevin McLeod


#OldSchoolRunescape #OSRS

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