TankiOnline Tutorial How to play from Adobe Flash Player 20 instead from browser CYA LAG

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Here is the link to the tanki wiki, where you can download the flash player and take the

This can Low FPS issues, while you have good graphics card
999 PING while gold is dropping
Unable to see the “mouse control” in the settings, now you can use it 😉
And many more bugs!

IMPORTANT!!! If your flash player crashes, you must open it with the link of the server in which you were playing, so you wont get kicked from the battle and can continue playing! To find the link for the server i was playing in, just go to and find it, or open this video if you haven’t saved that link. Good luck 😉

If you have any questions, ask in the comments ! 🙂

From now, my videos are going to be way better, i will may have fixed the problem with 999 PING on gold boxes, so i will be able to take them, and make a gold box video soon ! 🙂
Also, NewYear / assaulting team video is comming soon, i am finally able to record again without the 6 fps i had, so i will try my best to record the coolest fight! ^^ 😀

Oh yeah, 800 GB disk space empty and ready to fill with videos for editing ^^ xD

Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release]

Tanki Online Generator Click HERE