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Striker vs Magnum in Polygon CP WHO WILL WIN !? #13 - Tanki Online - Ghost Animator TO

Striker and Magnum are the latest new turrets that were added in the game. Both have their own specific roles and strong point.
Magnum deals a great damage in dingle shot and it’s splash damage make its OP for CP Matches.
On the other hand Striker single shot deals a good amount of damage and it has splash damage too which increases the APM (Attack Per Minute) plus a full lock-down shot of striker is just OP.

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Graphic Card
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Samsung 960 EVO Series – 1TB SSD
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Intel Xeon (Best one)
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Corsair RM Series 1000 Watt SMPS
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Now lets take a look at the components of My PC rig that I jist bought

Graphics Card
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