Tanki Online HOW TO DO THE FLAG GLITCH | New Valentine’s Day Glitch/Bug (NOT HACK)

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Tanki Online HOW TO DO THE FLAG GLITCH | New Valentine's Day Glitch/Bug (NOT HACK)

This is a new glitch that allows you to spawn with the flag, hence allowing you to capture it right away.

There are 3 methods to do this flag glitch.
1. Get the flag at the last second before you die/get shot.
2. Take flag when self-destruct is at 0:00
3. Drop flag and self-destruct.

It can be very hard to do these methods.



Spring is drawing near, Sun is shining brighter, and you have more occasions to give each other a gift of smiles and happiness! And the perfect mood starts with the most romantic holiday of the year — St. Valentine’s Day! Don’t miss your chance to celebrate the holiday together with a special tanker and holiday gifts, discounts and festive decorations!

Holiday decorations

Share your true feelings or give a thoughtful note to a special tanker by sending holiday themed gifts, and in battles special festive Gold Boxes, drop zones, parachutes and billboards full of hearts will keep the mood light — especially if you wear holiday paint!

For the most romantic tankers we’ve also prepared something special: St. Valentine’s themed animated paint!

You can find this special paint only in the holiday bundle in the Shop, and you can scroll down to see the full list of items in the bundle below.

After St. Valentine’s celebrations end, the paint will also be added to containers.

Gold Boxes

During the whole holiday event, from 02:00 UTC February 14th till 02:00 UTC February 18th, love will be falling from the sky for all tankers as Gold Boxes will drop 3 times more often in all regular, non-PRO battles.

Special offers

2 special holiday offers will appear in the Shop after server restart 02:00 UTC on February 14th and will be available for purchase until 02:00 UTC on February 18th. One of the offers has a whole set of in-game bonuses, and the other — new animated paint and 10 containers!

Special offer 1:
New animated paint “Beating Hearts”;
10 containers;
25,000 crystals.

Special offer 2:
5 days of Premium;
5 Gold Boxes;
100 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes);
100,000 crystals.


Every tanker knows and waits for the best part of the holidays — the discounts. Only during St. Valentine’s celebrations (from 02:00 UTC February 14th until 02:00 UTC February 15th) don’t miss big discounts in the Shop and in the Garage!

Items in the Shop will have a 20% discount, excluding containers and the smallest packs of crystals, Premium and Gold Boxes.

Items in the Garage will have a 30% discount, excluding kits and PRO battle passes.

Also, only on February 14th, upgrade your equipment with a 25% discount on MicroUpgrades and 50% discount on SpeedUps!

NOTE: discounts do not apply to purchases and upgrades of XT-equipment, clan license, Rename Pass and special offers in the Shop.

Play the game on February 14th and celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with Tanki!
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