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Hey guys. Lets get right in to this. So you lost your account to some shady site or a random dude and you want to get your account back? if so than you came to the right place. First of all you will need this form that I linked in the description. Then go to your emailing platform. I will use google mail. Address it to this receiver that is in the form website and linked down below. After that you can start filling in the form. First you will need to put in your accounts email. Secondly you need to tell if you have ever invested real money to your account to buy crystals or a premium account. If you did, put in specific dates and methods of payments (if you used SMS, write your phone number). If you didn’t invest any money just write no. For the third point you need to put in of you are someones referral (referrals are players that joined the game by clicking on a banner or a link). If so then enter the nickname of your referrer (the person who invited you to the game.) If you are not a referral then just write that you are not one. For the forth point you need to put in the e-mail address your account was linked to after the registration. If you have doubts about your address write so like I did. If you don’t remember the email address completely just write so. For the fifth point just put in Which serious bans and or punishment were on your account. This point is pretty self explanatory. For the sixth point you need to put in The last time you entered the game. It would be best if you have a specific date like this, but I could not recall the date so I wrote very broadly. The seventh point is the most important. You need to put in your country, region and city of your living place. Along with that information you need to send a link to an image that shows your IP and location. The ling is on screen now and in the description down below. You will need to take a screenshot of that website. You can do that by pressing the print screen on your keyboard or downloading some kind of software like lightshot. Then you will need to upload that image to image sack dot com. Link below and on screen. Image sack asks to register, but you can use your facebook to login. Now remember that this is a 30 day trial and after that you can continue to use the website by buying a premium on it. But you can just delete your account and login again with the same facebook account and that will give you another 30 days. Its pretty much infinite using that method. After you uploaded your image you will get a link to it. Copy it and insert it into your email. Remember that the seventh point is the most important. For the eighth point you will need to tell what was your last bought hull. I tried to guess. The ninth point you need to put in the turret you last bought. Again you I guessed,but if you don’t know then don’t answer. The last point asks you for an email address. The email that you will put in will be linked to your account.After that you can send your mail. Again to this site. Then a few seconds after that you will get this email. Then after a day or so you will receive this one. After a few more days you will get this one with the information you need. So that’s it. If you your email didn’t go threw here are some examples of a correct one so you could try to spot the mistakes that you made. If you have some questions you can comment down below, contact me on twitter @GraZhion or contact me at this address. If you see someone who’s account has just been stolen link them this video. The short link will be down below. Literally everything mentioned in this video is down below. Later guys.

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