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In this video, I’m going to discuss a strategy that can be used by anyone to generate your own work experience without having a job. While this video is geared towards Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Information Technology, the strategy can be applied to any number of disciplines.

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Part 1) Strategy Introduction
1:10 How the strategy applies to getting a job
1:25 How to apply the strategy (Resume example)
2:38 Self-Generated Experience Example
6:21 Part 2) Why the strategy is useful
7:51 Part 3) Example Resumes for Cybersecurity and I.T.
12:45 Why this strategy works; why it is legit
13:37 Outro
14:12 CodeWithMosh.com Explanation

Part 1, The
Basically what this boils down to, is if you don’t have any experience in the field you want to get into, you can generate your own experience that can be potentially better than what you might achieve at an entry-level job.
This whole concept is definitely not my idea, and it’s nothing new, as it’s a common strategy used by software engineers and developers to get their first job (assuming they don’t have any connections from their university.)
They will typically have to use some sort of portfolio to demonstrate their work that counts as experience.
And by the way, everything we are talking about in this video, fits into the “How to get a job” framework, in this particular square right here. So if you are trying to break into IT or Security

I’m going to give a couple examples of how you generate your own experience in order to break into IT and Cybersecurity, but for now, let me just show you an example of what I’m talking about.

So let’s think about a scenario where I want to become a software engineer at a company.
Except in this scenario, I’m going to strip away ALL of my experience and credentials, so I essentially have nothing.
Maybe I’ve taken a few coding classes online, and I’ve become a pretty decent programmer, but I don’t have any on my resume that is indicative of that.
Looking at this resume as it is now, it’s unlikely I’ll get any interview anywhere, much less get hired.

Now, let’s take into consideration consideration the scenario where I manufacture my own experience, *paste items*
Talk about bullet points

Part 2, Why the strategy good,
Taking this method into account, you MIGHT have the inclination to think something
“Oh, this doesn’t count, it’s not a real job so employers won’t consider this real experience”, or
“Putting something like this on your resume is disingenuous!”

If you register a business, produce content, and have the content consumed by the general public/customers, it is a legitimate business. This concept can be solidified by the quality of what you put out. You don’t need to be profitable to be considered a business.

#3 High-level examples of how to implement this strategy for IT, Cybersecurity, and Software Engineering

? – Sample Resumes – ?
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