How To View Site Content Without Registering With BugMeNot

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Hello, I am Jonathan Gorard, TechGeek159. Have you ever been on a site where you needed to register and login, but just couldn’t be bothered? Well, in this video, I will show you how to use an online tool called BugMeNot to generate login details for you.

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first : 33 C8 B8 04 00 00 00 89 4A 14 8B 4D F0 89 0D

second : 05 04 00 00 00 8B C8 89 4A 14 8B 4D F0 89 0D

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Herzlich Willkommen zu einem kleinen Tutorial mit DArkLEgatx!!!

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KDE Installation and Configuration with Timestamps

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KDE Installation and Configuration on Arch Linux – Timestamps are below so you can skip to the part of the video you want!
I went over a full arch install with KDE and the general customizations that I make.

0:38 Arch Install
2:40 reflector for faster updates and package downloads
5:06 Archfi installation
6:50 Linux Kernel Selection
12:20 Desktop Environment Installation
19:12 Xorg / Video Driver Installation
34:00 First Boot after Installation – KDE Customization

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DEFCON 17 Hacking WITH the iPod Touch

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Thomas Wilhelm Sr. Network & Information Security Engineer; Adjunct Processor

There has been plenty of news about hacking into the iPod Touch, but what about using the iTouch as a hacking platform? This talk will discuss how to convert the iTouch into a PenTest device, describe available tools, and talk about potential uses for the iTouch as a social engineering tool to provide unauthorized access within a target network. We will also see real-world examples of the device in action against vulnerable systems.

For more information

To download the video

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Radiant Logic Webinar Virtualize SailPoint IdentityIQ’s Database with RadiantOne

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Virtualize SailPoint IdentityIQ’s Database with RadiantOne for Use in LDAP Applications, WAM and Federation

Learn how the RadiantOne federated identity service can virtualize the identity information stored in the SailPoint database to create a centralized, integrated directory. So that the SailPoint identity data can now be used for authentication and authorization—by apps that couldn’t consume these IDs before.

[Recorded 4/19/2021]

Detroit Coupons and Deals shows you how to save money online. This video walks you step by step of how to use the Amazon “Today’s Deals” Gold Box as one of the best ways to save money on Amazon and one of the most easy ways to save money online.

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