Joguinho de Tank na Unity #2

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Peço desculpas pelas congeladas na imagem, nos próximos vídeos eu corrigi isso.
Esse é um vídeo de ensino do monitor para alunos do curso de Jogos Digitais da PUCPR. Qualquer suporte é cedido somente aos alunos do curso.

O código fonte do projeto eu não tenho mais, porém tenho a build com o resultado do que

In this video I play Sandal DM with Isida M2 & Viking M2 and finish with a massive [watch the video to know] score.
sorry for the shit editing in the end :/ I finished it and then my editor crashed and I had to edit it all over again. so I got pretty annoyed and was too lazy to make it better.
Cartoon – On & On
Windows 10 built in Xbox recorder.
Movie Maker and VideoPad

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Serial Tanki
[email protected]
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Unity NavMesh in 1 Minute

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Unity NavMesh in 1 Minute

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies, first announced and released in June 2005 at Apple Inc.’s Worldwide Developers Conference as a Mac OS X-exclusive game engine. As of 2021, the engine had been extended to support more than 25 platforms. The engine can be used to create three-dimensional, two-dimensional, virtual reality, and augmented reality games, as well as simulations and other experiences.[4][5] The engine has been adopted by industries outside video gaming, such as film, automotive, architecture, engineering and construction.

Several major versions of Unity have been released since its launch. The latest stable version, 2021.3.11, was released in April 2020.


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GHOST TANKER is a reborn version of TankStalker.
Now let me just point this

You get it?
Well let me say this then.

Get it now?
Well you can download it here. FREE!!!:

Sub, Rate, Comment

Want more info? Then Read
What is Ghost Tanker?
Ghost Tanker is a free tool for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux that you can use to get Gaia Online tanks. It has a very easy-to-use and a very user-friendly interface.

Who can use it?
Ghost Tanker can be used by anyone who has a Gaia Online account and it will never ask for your username or password.

What’s the advantage of Ghost Tanker above all other existing Booty Grab sites?
In Ghost Tanker, you manage the tank ID list so you get to decide which tank ID stays or leaves from your list.

What’s the difference between Ghost Tanker and the other BG sites? ***
In my opinion, tanks that you click off Booty Grab sites will contain referrers. Those referrers would indicate where you clicked the tank from, e.g. And using of sites like those are now against the Gaia TOS. As for tanks that you click from Ghost Tanker, they would be launched from the application and opened directly onto your default browser thus, it won’t contain any referrer links. Without a referrer link, Gaia Online would think that you just bookmarked the tank you’re playing in.


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