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Herzlich Willkommen zu einem kleinen Tutorial mit DArkLEgatx!!!

Hier der F3 0F 7E 51 20 F2 0F 59 D0

Opera :

Cheat Engine :

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Pessoal essa é uma dica que eu usei e funcionou pra mim,tomara que funcione pra vcs 😀

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Tanki Online Test Server Tutorial Unlimited Tankoins

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Hope you enjoyed
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Host Your Own Tor Hidden Service with an Onion Address Tutorial

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Video description :
Today I will show you one new way to open shop in test server!
The old way was 2 clicks in the gold box and the shop was open.But now you can’t do this! Look the new way in the video!
Record with : Bandicam
Edit Filmora 8.7
Music : 2 minute timer with music [ELECTRONIC]
Tanki Online
Test Server
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Test Server :
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UNIX/LINUX tutorial || Demo 4 || by Mr. Nageswar Rao On 14052020 @615PM

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UNIX/LINUX tutorial || Demo – 4 || by Mr. Nageswar Rao On 14-05-2020 @6:15PM
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#Durgasoftware #UNIX #LINUX

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