5 reasons why you should play Tanki Online

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A new Video……5 benefits of playing tanki online …………….

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Main characters :-
Mallu-tanki(my main acc)
lvlr.mallu ( my second acc)

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Tanki Online Generator Click HERE

how to play tanki online for pc how to download tanki online in pc windows/mac/Linux

Tanki Online Generator Click HERE

Video which shows to download tanki online .its 75%faster avoids lag. other videos uses chrome plugins where this does not! ENJOY…..


Linux-(rar file)


this video shows how to play Tanki online without any browser, literally means downloading Tanki online!. You may have seen another videos of downloading Tanki online but it uses the plugin of google chrome or other browsers which maybe slow your game. This video make sure that you uses standalone flash player!

*Its 75% faster than any browsers
*avoids laging.
*saves time
*Easy access

(Note-My screen recorder lags that’s y it shows a laging type while opening Tanki online.

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Tanki Online Generator Click HERE

How to play Tanki Online Full Graphics without Lag Adobe Flash Player

Tanki Online Generator Click HERE

If you are playing Tanki in the browser and you are experiencing lag and low fps you can try to play on Flash Player!

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Tanki Online Generator Click HERE

Tanki online Opening containers Play Matchmakeing battle Smoky montage ProStrike TO

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In this video i play Matchmakeing battle with smoky’s autocannon alternation and dictator ‘s heavyweight construction augment . I open containers .

Dj ASASS1N -Frag out

Jekamix.jr (Main Account)
Pro Strike,Gun Strike (Other Accounts)


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