The Linux Minute Daily 05

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Today we will look at the latest in computer and gaming news.

This is a talk and presentation I was originally going to deliver at the Ockomothon conference in Denver, Colorado — but due to the state of the world currently, that changed…
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How to Install Battle net on Bobuntu Linux

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Hi all simple tutorial on how to install on Bobuntu Linux, also lol, Warframe, World of Tanks, World of Warships, Eve Online Guild Wars 2 etc.

Download scripts here :

Get BoBuntu Linux Here :

Sincere Thanks to Dave bell for the donation of a PC which will ensure this channel will produce great content for you.

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What Blockchains and Linux Have in Common Phil Zamani Aergo Blocko

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A podcast by Manuel

Phil Zamani speaks about his blockchain projects Aergo and Blocko, the blockchain ecosystem in South Korea, differences between open source in Linux and blockchain technology, why blockchain consortiums might fail, why there are still few production systems live on blockchains, how non-software companies can go about getting started with pilot projects, what he learned from working with large corporations on blockchain projects in South Korea, why data needs to be shared to be most valuable, IOT pilots on blockchains, and much more.

Phil is the chairman of the AERGO Foundation and co-CEO at Blocko, Korea’s largest blockchain infrastructure provider. He has over twenty years of experience in managing open-source businesses and has worked as senior VP at Deutsche Telekom’s cloud business unit, VP of sales and business development at RedHat, and as Global Head of Big Data & cloud models at Banca Santander.

Phil’s article on parallels between Linux and  

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Connecting the Docks | LINUX Unplugged 106

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Live from the floor of LinuxCon 2021 we capture Bruce Schneier’s take on hacking attribution, how HP enthusiastically supports Linux internally & our impressions of the big convention.

Plus how Docker is going big this year & which type of Linux event is right for you.

Show Notes &

Download the presentation at

Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland with Keystone CPA speak at the 2nd Annual Cutting-Edge Financial Tactics Brunch at the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside, CA October 2021. Matt and Amanda discuss current tax changes coming our way in 2021, myths are busted about the new tax on investments under Obamacare, ideas for real estate investors, and many more tax saving strategies.

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