How To Install WordPress On Localhost

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How To Install WordPress On Localhost

Hope you all of fine, today we will learn How To Install WordPress On Localhost using Xamp Server. Do you want to run the WordPress on Personal Computer, you need to do Install WordPress on the personal computer. Before Install WordPress on personal the computer, you need to Download and Install Xamp Application Software.

After Download and Installing Xamp Application Software, then you will able to Install WordPress on Personal Computer, but before Install WordPress you need to Download WordPress from WordPress Official Website.

After Download WordPress, you need to do Run the Xamp and Also Two Option namely Apache and PHPMyAdmin, then you can install WordPress using Xamp as well.

Now, Above mentioned steps, I have shared them to Install WordPress on Localhost. However, I have made a video tutorial on the topic, you watch the complete video tutorial, you can get many ideas and also help to understand.

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How to Install Battle net on Bobuntu Linux

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Hi all simple tutorial on how to install on Bobuntu Linux, also lol, Warframe, World of Tanks, World of Warships, Eve Online Guild Wars 2 etc.

Download scripts here :

Get BoBuntu Linux Here :

Sincere Thanks to Dave bell for the donation of a PC which will ensure this channel will produce great content for you.

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How to install minecraft mods

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Please read the description…..

OMG i almost uploaded this video and at 95% i restarted my computer because im an idiot!

any ways, download winRAR here –

This is how to download mods on

and another mac tutorial here –


another tutorial for linux here –

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In this tutorial we show you several Apps for the iPhone and Android that make your photos look older than they actually are.

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How to install Warzone2100 on Linux 2019

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How to install Warzone2100 on Linux 2021.

sudo apt-get install snapd
sudo snap install warzone2100


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