Best SMMA Niches of 2020

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What are are the Best SMMA Niches of 2020?

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What is niche marketing? You’ve probably heard the phrase a time or two, but what does it actually mean?

Let’s say you have an absolute favorite television show, and let’s call it Game of Thrones (or at least until the final season when they screwed everything up…). Okay, so some people like HBO. Some people like HBO shows. Some people like Game of Thrones. That’s a niche.

A niche is a subset of a larger group of markets. As another example, a lot of people like to go hiking and a lot of people like to take photographs, but not everyone likes to take photographs while hiking. This is a niche. It’s a Venn diagram of multiple interests or a subset of a single interest.

The interesting thing about niche marketing is that it feels like you’re going in the wrong direction, but you’re actually going in the right direction. It feels like getting too specific will limit sales, but it actually increases sales.

You don’t want to provide a specific message to a mass audience, because it’s mostly a waste of time. You want to provide a specific message to a specific audience.

When you advertise a product or service to the people who care most about that niche, sales will increase. So why (and how) does an SMMA pursue niche marketing?

For starters, there’s less ground to cover. Let’s say you provide a service for men who like camping, then your next client wants you to focus on women who like make-up. In some ways, at least in terms of knowledge, you have to start all over.

But, if you target audiences on platforms they use the most – fitness clients who want to use Instagram and YouTube for example – then you can tailor results within these platforms.

Staying dedicated also means better connections. Be seen as a keystone pillar within your niche and great deeper one-on-one connections and relationships between brands and their target audiences.

So what are some key niches for 2020?

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