Systems & Configuration Management Tools with SaltStack

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SaltStack is often boxed into the configuration management tools basket, but it’s much different from most software like it. In fact, it is radically different than most configuration management tools. Salt has a unique approach to infrastructure management and at the end of day that means you can run on live data, make dynamic decisions, and do some really powerful stuff. Plus, it’s ridiculously easy to get up and going.

The creator and principal architect himself, Tom Hatch, spent years as a cloud builder and experimented with most of the open source tools available on the market today, but he thought they weren’t fast enough or easy enough to use. He paid a visit to SF Python to showcase Salt, explain what it does, and how it does it really well. If you’re managing huge pools of data, you should definitely check out what Salt is capable of.

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This is a detailed tutorial for making a medium size leather backpack. It contains two external pockets, closed with buckles, fit to keep in order your essentials, including your smartphone. It is a light wight backpack that will keep in shape for many years, due to its clever pattern.

This is one of V&P Leather Artisans classic backpack pattern, perfected over many years.

36/24/17 cm or 14/9.5/6.7 inch

✪ body of the backpack – 2 mm vegtan (less then 1 sqm)
✪ 1 mm pigskin lining for the backpack bottom
✪ contrast leather – 3.6 mm vegtan (less than 0.2 sqm)
✪ 1 mm waxed thread

✪ 2 X 20 mm D-rings
✪ 2 X 20 mm buckles
✪ 2 x 25 mm buckles
✪ 1 x 30 buckle

✪ 18 mm Olfa cutter
✪ 1.5 mm hole puncher
✪ John James stitching needles
✪ rubber mallet
✪ cutting pad
✪ masking tape
✪ a good glue, preferably cement glue


0:00 Intro
0:20 Cutting the body of the backpack
2:50 Cutting the accessories
5:15 Punching the holes
5:35 Cat massage intermezzo 🙂
6:02 Punching holes in the accessories
6:26 Sewing & assembling
22:56 The finished backpack!


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1. A. VIVALDI Concerto for 2 Violins, 2 Cellos, Strings and B.C. in D major RV 564, La Serenissima
2. Georg Philipp Telemann – Chaconne (Modéré) – NEVERMIND (Besson, Creac’h, Pharo, Rondeau)
3. A. Vivaldi Concerto con molti istromenti in C major (RV 558) Ensemble Matheus

@ 2020 V&P Leather Artisans

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