Plom Paperless Open Marking

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A talk delivered by Colin Macdonald and Andrew Rechnitzer at EAMS 2020.

Plom is

a system for administering handwritten exams or homework on paper, but
marking on a computer, and
returning them online
free and open source –

Plom was started

at UBC Mathematics
to simplify logistics of giving tests in large courses, and
improve the quality of feedback given to students

Plom supports

randomised tests, crowded classrooms and multiple sittings

Plom is

under heavy development, but
already in use — 20+ courses, 60+ markers, 20000+ tests at UBC Mathematics

Plom needs

community — testers, users, feedback, potential energetic codevelopers

Please come and take a look and we can organise some demonstration servers so you can try it out.

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