Paradoxes and theorems every developer should know by @jaytaph at @phpamersfoort

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A video from the talk by Joshua Thijssen at PHP Amersfoort on December 8 2021.

Slides of the talk can be found

Paradoxes and theorems every developer should know

What do razors, tanks, your birthday and the speed of light have to do with our daily development work? It turns out, quite a lot! During this presentation, I will explain a series of mathematical theorems and paradoxes that we encounter every day during development, but we often fail to recognize. By using these theorems, we can
create better code, find more secure and efficient solutions to our problems, and it even helps you out communicating with clients and project owners.

Jon Haddad, Technical Evangelist

This sessions covers diagnosing and solving common problems encountered in production, using performance profiling tools. We’ll also give a crash course to basic JVM garbage collection tuning. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of what they should look for when they encounter problems with their in-production Cassandra cluster. This talk is intended for people with a general understanding of Cassandra, but it not required to have experience running it in production.

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