NCompass Live Computers in Libraries 2018

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Recorded on May 9, 2021
NCompass Live –

Amanda Sweet, Technology Innovation Librarian at the Nebraska Library Commission, will share highlights from the recent Computers in Libraries 2021 conference, held April 17-19 in Arlington, VA.

You probably noticed this, but there is a lot of new tech out there. I want to hear what your library wants. I can help you make it happen. But it is hard to ask for something if you don’t know it exists. This is where the Computers in Libraries 2021 Conference comes in handy.

At this conference I was bombarded by eager developers hoping for a chance. There were countless presenters who put hours of blood, sweat and tears into testing and implementing their own passion projects. There were robots, geospatial based apps, and talk of makerspaces around the world. It was glorious! But the conference was three days long. We have an hour. So I will focus on things I may soon be testing out here at the Nebraska Library Commission. If all goes well, it will spread throughout the state. If you hear about something your library has already done I would love to hear from you!

So settle in for a wild ride. Let’s talk about Future Ready Librarians and makerspaces transcending into the next stage of evolution. Tech just got real.

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