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In this augmented reality tutorial I am going to go over image recognition and how to use API’s in Unity 3D so you can make your augmented reality apps smarter. I feel like the real killer application of AR is using it as more of a tool rather than a game. I will going over some basics using http get requests in Unity with the WWW class. I will also show you how to request information from API’s in Unity.

I FORGOT TO If you are using the project from Github I forget to add my Vuforia license key to the ARCamera object in the scene. Just click to open Vuforia configuration and add it there.


In the video we also go over basic web scraping in Unity and I will show you how you can scrape sites in Unity using PHP and Node.js

The project I made using Google’s Reverse Image Search capabilities can be found on Github

As far as software you will need Unity 3

and the Vuforia

Thanks for watching!

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