My BSD sucks less than yours

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by Baptiste Daroussin and Antoine Jacoutot


Instead of speaking about successful parts of the projects, this talk willfocus on the weakness of both OpenBSD and FreeBSD, exploring conceptualdifferences between them and also exploring directions where motivatedcontributors can start working on to improve the projects. While being generalpurpose operating systems we will see that one size doesn’t fit all and howone or the other may be a better solution to a particular problem. Trolls areto be left at the door.

Scheduled 2021-02-04 13:30:00

This was release on Thursday to my podcast listeners. Due to technical limitations I was unable to upload it to YouTube on Thursday.

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IN THIS It’s Creepypasta Thursday! And I thought I’d bring back a classic from the podcast. I often get comments on YouTube, on Facebook, or receive an email saying that someone liked a certain episode for this reason or that. Usually it’s a comment about how creepy or scary a specific story was, or it’s someone sharing an incident that happened to them that was similar. Or more often than not, just a note of encouragement to thank me for the podcast (which I do love getting, by the way). But very few episodes have garnered the amount of positive feedback that “I Driver For Cerber” has. So for those of you who have not heard it before, or for those of you who loved it the first time and wouldn’t mind another go-around, I proudly present, “I Drive For Cerber” by Mofucious.

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