Linux / Mac OSx History Command Tutorial How to Review your Previously used Commands in Terminal

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Linux / Mac OSx History Command in Shell is a tutorial to help you manage and review your past Terminal History. History is accessed either through a command called History or a History file. Whatever shell you use. The process is similar. Make using commands in Linux / Mac OSx easier by knowing how to review your History with this one simple command for beginners. Both Linux & Mac OSx keep track of your history through bash of previously used commands that were issued through the Terminal. Review this tutorial today to get better at using commands in terminal.

History files are saved by user so each bash shell user has their own history file located in their home user directory. Now this is a hidden file (.bash_history) and thatโ€™s why it contains a dot before the name of the file. Access the last set of commands used by using the history command and review your entire history by looking at the stored history file.
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