Linux Beginner Boost Day 7 May 12 2020

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Know the Linux Hosting Providers

* Meet Amazon Web Services
* Meet Google Compute Engine
* Meet Microsoft Azure
* Meet Digital Ocean
* Meet RackSpace
* Meet Linode

What Can You Do?

* Host an Clone
* Host a Doom server
* Host Your Own Websockets Game
* Host Your Own Database with GraphQL API
* Grok Why Hosting Web Site is Bad Idea
* Grok Appeal of Hosting APIs

Create a Digital Ocean Droplet

* Set Up SSH Keys
* Create a Digital Ocean Account
* Create the Droplet
* Login Remotely

Set Up Paper Minecraft Server

* Download Server with Curl
* Grok Minecraft Licensing
* Start Up in Screen or TMUX
* Give Op
* Connect and Try It Out — Watch live at

Tanki Online Generator Click HERE