How to remotely crash or hack any iOS based device. iPhone iPad & Apple Watch

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There is a massive bug in Apple iOS that allows you to completely lock up any iOS device like an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or iPad by simply clicking a URL and playing a corrupt .mp4 video. I tried this on every device I could find with 100% success and it’s mind blowing Apple hasn’t fixed this yet.

▼ URL to crash any iOS device after playback ▼

^- Use at your own risk, this will lock up your iOS device and require a hard reset. You’ve been warned!

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▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) When will this be fixed?
A) I’ve heard reports that iOS 10 Beta 3 (next release) should have a fix that prevents this. But I haven’t confirmed it yet.

Q) Why do you say push all the physical buttons including volume? You only need volume + home button.
A) To avoid absolutely any confusion as to which buttons to hold down since the persons device would be compromised after doing this I figured it would be easier to just say HOLD EVERYTHING DOWN. It still works and there is no possible chance of mistaking which buttons to hold.

Q) Why would you make a video like this? You’re just going to cause a ton of attacks to happen.
A) This video is just as much informing people on what links and videos not to open as it is telling people which ones will crash devices. Information is power and the more this is known in the community the faster people can protect themselves and Apple can get a fix out. Share this video like crazy with all your friends and family so they don’t become a victim.
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