Hak5 Episode #3

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In this episode of Hak.5 the crew explores ways to hack RSS into your morning routine with a custom alarm clock and newspaper. Harrison makes us all a little more paranoid about network security with an ARP Cache Poisoning overview, then takes it to the streets. Wess gives the case a break and takes on the IBM Model M beast-keyboard while Alli goes retro with a classic arcade game review. All this plus a flaming-case-mod and a flame-proof blueberry hefeweizen.

Today’s tutorial is back to basics so that everyone of any skill level can utilize this tutorial and learn how to get SNES up and running and how to set up RetroArch through LaunchBox. I cover importing your SNES games, adding RetroArch to the emulators list, updating RetroArch if you already have it, setting the core in RetroArch, some basic settings like adding and using a PS4 controller with InputMapper, setting custom configs and shader’s in RetroArch. I also show you two awesome websites as bonuses, RetroAchievements.org and RomHacking.net, both sites which are invaluable to emulation.

If you have any questions about anything covered in this tutorial please leave us a comment below or head on over to the forums to ask your questions of us there.

List of cores that have Achievements (may be outdated or updated at anytime) These are the cores I recommend for Achievements, but the list may be bigger (like Snes9x also works for SNES, but bsnes is a better core).

Game Boy / Color (gambatte)
Game Boy Advance (mGBA)
NES (QuickNES)
SNES (bsnes)
Genesis/Mega Drive (picodrive)
Sega 32x (picodrive)

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