Hack RC Car meets Function Generator

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Can I drive my RC car through an obstacle course… WITH JUST A FUNCTION GENERATOR?
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00:00 Introduction
00:21 Hacking an RC Car remote control
01:15 Spoofing the potentiometer control values
02:13 Checking steering control
02:58 Using voltage limits on a waveform function generator
03:26 Checking steering and throttle control
04:13 Recording signals with an oscilloscope and replaying them with a function generator
05:46 A function generator controlling an RC Car!

Controlling a remote control car with a function generator sounds like it should be easy, but it was a tricky electronics hack!

Because it’s a 2.4 GHz remote control system, a 20 MHz function generator like the EDU33212A we used couldn’t directly control the RC car. So, instead we hacked the potentiometers in the throttle control and the steering wheel.

First, we tested to make sure we could control both the steering and the throttle independently. We also learned the importance of using voltage limits in the process. Once we had basic control of the electronics figured out setup an obstacle course in the Keysight hallways.

We drove the RC car through the obstacle course and recorded the signals with the oscilloscope. Once we had a good capture on the oscilloscope, we used the Keysight 33503A BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro Software to convert the signals into a 2-channel arbitrary waveform file. From BenchLink, we loaded the files into the EDU33212A function generator.

After a brief crash montage that was actually much longer and more painful to live through, we finally got the system working properly and were able to successfully drive the RC car through the obstacle course without any intervention! Success! I’m sure the commenters will find something to complain about, too. I know. Don’t tell them about this bit, it’s just for you folks that made it this far into the description. Why? What were you looking for that you couldn’t find? Thanks for watching! -Daniel

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