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Giveaway winners were already contacted and the Gold Rain was held on 7 January. The Gold Rain Was Done By Me And SerialAmazingTanki.
Here is the Edit of that Gold Rain.

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Found old school boombox and tool in Lake Billy while scuba diving 103 feet deep under a bridge during a blizzard.. 💦😲

✅ Pledge on Patron and help clean up the environment!

Help Us Get a Car Out of the River… 🚗😬

$3,000 needs to be raised to bring in the proper equipment and assistance to retrieve the Nissan 4-door car which is 38′ underwater in the Willamette River.

For this, we have launched our new Patreon page.

As a Patron, with your support, we’ll be able to raise the funds needed, not just for the removal of the car from the river, but to keep our production moving forward in our efforts to continue cleaning up the waterways.

Becoming a Patron…

Not only are you giving us the resources when you pledge your support, but the confidence to continue doing our work and the ability to share it with others.

And for that, we thank you!

✅ Pledge to us on Patron and support our production!



Choas Paddlers..

On this episode of Adventures with Purpose, MrLeisek, Griffin, and Chris jump into the Deschutes River arm at Lake Billy Chinook for a deep 100 foot plus dive under the bridge.

Chris found a Sony Boombox in the river, an electric skil screw gun, and a candy stand.

Griffin walks away with a pair of American flag sunglasses found underwater along with some heavy duty pins for the bridge.

Jared found a pile of tools in the lake and a toolbox. They were so heavy that he couldn’t grab all of the tools and had to leave some of them behind.

Fun Dive for sure!!

Ready to join us on our next treasure adventure?

Just hit us up next time you’re in town and want to treasure hunt.

We never get tired of underwater treasure hunting.

What’s our next treasure hunting adventure going to find?

🎥🍿 Watch More of Our Treasure Hunting Episodes

Found Gun w/Serial Numbers Scratched Off {Police Called}

River Treasure Hunting in Portland we Found E-Scooter & Phones while Scuba Diving

I Found 8 Radios, 3 Watches and 16 Pairs of Sunglasses Underwater at Closed Marina!

Scuba Diving Closed Marina for Lost Valuables! (Over $1000 Worth of Finds)

I Made a Cardboard Boat for $12 to Rescue Crashed Drone in Lake!

Found over $2,700 in Lost Valuables while Scuba Diving Lake!

Cardboard Airboat Tour Company – WHAT COULD GO WRONG!

Found SUNKEN Backpack while Searching for Lost Valuables Scuba Diving Lake at Night!

BUSTED DRYSUIT AGAIN… 😐 Griffin Finds Lost Valuables while Diving in Lake!

Found GoPro Lost in Lake while Scuba Diving for Lost Valuables! (Returned to Owner)

Found 6 Phones, MacBook, Scooter, Bikes and Credit Cards while Scuba Diving Seattle Great Wheel

Found iPhone & Credit Cards while Diving for Lost Valuables in Seattle! (Returned to Owner)

23-Degrees and Snowing Night Dive for Lost Valuables!

Found 7 Bikes 37′ Underwater at Seattle Great Wheel while Scuba Diving for Lost Valuables!

FOUND CAR 38′ UNDERWATER in Willamette River while Diving for Lost Valuables!


Music by Marcus


All music belongs to respective Artist and used per terms of Copyright © and Licensing Rights by Artist with credit linking back to respective Artist as requested.


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Thank you from all of us here at Adventures with Purpose for watching, liking and subscribing.

Kind Regards,
Jared, Kristin, Kierra, and Maliah

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