Dungeon of the Endless Tutorial for early game

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Turn on annotations please 😉
Dungeon of the Endless has developed a lot since I last covered it on my channel. The strategies have (obviously) changed and the overall balance has shifted. I think it is not a bad idea to create this tutorial video and talk about the current metagame.

This video is not for people who know nothing about DotE. If you are such person, you may not understand everything I talk about. I encourage you to watch my “Introducing” video (link below) before watching this one.

This video contains words. Like, a LOT of them. If you’re here for gameplay, well, you will get some of it. But overall, there’s not a whole lot of action, mostly just a lot words. It is a tutorial after all. You have been warned.

That’s the link to my “Introducing – Dungeon of the Endless”

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