Destination Linux 182 Security Keys Disk Encryption & Two Factor Authentication 2FA

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Destination Linux 182: Security Keys, Disk Encryption & Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

– Hosted by Ryan, Noah & Michael

Coming up on this week’s episode of Destination Google & Canonical are teaming up to bring Flutter to Linux for a cross-platform game changer. How Important is Disk Encryption & Security Keys – should you be using them or do you just prefer being hacked? We’ve got community feedback, a DRM FREE Game called Drox Operative and our beloved tips/tricks and software pick. All of this and so much more on this week’s Destination Linux.

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Topics covered in this

Full Show Notes (for links and such)

00:00 Intro
01:06 What’s New with Noah
01:10 Ubiquiti Discontinues Their UniFi-Video Products
07:30 What’s New with Michael
07:42 DLN Xtend gets 2 New Hosts
08:23 What’s New with Ryan
08:50 PyCharm Impresses Ryan With Their Customer Support
12:19 Community Josh lets us know Collabora via Nextcloud has become so much easier these days
15:40 Canonical & Google team up to bring Flutter Apps to Linux
20:13 Michael expresses his frustrations with False Claims about Snaps
21:18 Snaps having a company backing it is a good thing
23:00 are these cross-platform frameworks going to bring more Proprietary software or more Open software?
23:30 Is it better to advocate for only Open or try to convince companies in phases?
27:46 Security Advisory of the Disk Encryption & Should You Do It?
34:41 Main Two Factor Authentication (2FA) – Tips On How To Protect Your Accounts
50:08 Gaming on Drox Operative 2
51:28 Software Solfege – Ear Training Program
52:32 Ryan shows off his harmonica skills
53:02 Tip of the How To Reset A Forgotten Root Password?
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59:26 The Journey Itself . . .
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