DEFCON 17 Hacking WITH the iPod Touch

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Thomas Wilhelm Sr. Network & Information Security Engineer; Adjunct Processor

There has been plenty of news about hacking into the iPod Touch, but what about using the iTouch as a hacking platform? This talk will discuss how to convert the iTouch into a PenTest device, describe available tools, and talk about potential uses for the iTouch as a social engineering tool to provide unauthorized access within a target network. We will also see real-world examples of the device in action against vulnerable systems.

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Apple vs Capitol Hill
This Week’s Stories
• Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon dragged to Capitol Hill
• Apple fixes Zoom vulnerability (again)
• Is Apple giving up on AR glasses?
• 2020 MacBook Air SSD slowdown
• Apple disables Watch Walkie Talkie function for fix
• Apple TV ramping up
• Apple Card coming any minute
• Hong Kong protesters use Apple AirDrop
• OurPact is back

Picks of the Week
• Andy’s Default Folder X
• Dave’s AppTamer
• Lory’s Midsommar

Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Lory Gil
Dave Hamilton

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