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Hello Tankers 😛
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If you haven’t been to Zenzos channel you should definitely check it out!

Wanna be a part of the KGTropicals team? We’ve introduced new levels to our channel memberships to give members special perks that include members only live streams and behind the scenes videos. There are also levels that get your name posted in the credits of videos! Check out the memberships and become a part of the team today!!

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To receive your $15 gift card email John at [email protected] and make sure you place KG15 in the subject line. You’ll then receive a $15 gift card that can be used to purchase fish from their amazing inventory.

Todays video

Here’s what you can expect from each show!

1. What’s going on?
– This is a segment where John and Lisa will address what’s been going on in the aquarium hobby over the last week. Sometimes it is stories that show up on the news, sometimes it’s something that happened on YouTube and sometimes it’ll be an update to a project.
– This segment will be different every week, you never know what we’ll be talking about.

2. Main Topic
– Each week we’ll pick a main topic to discuss in great detail.

3. Video/Channel Shout Outs!
– In this segment John and Lisa will each pick a YouTube video or channel that they believe you should watch.

4. Johns/ Lisas World!
.In this segment John and Lisa will each discuss something that has nothing to do with fish keeping to break the ice and have a little fun!!

5. Super Chats and New Members!
– While I said earlier that John will not be addressing the chat directly during the show there will inevitably be people who will take their hard earned money and donate it to KGTropicals by way of “Super Chats”. There is no bigger thrill in the world then to have someone want to contribute money for no reason other than community building and for that they deserve a shout out. The shout outs for all super chats will be done in this segment whether they were submitted in the beginning of the show or the end.
– There are also people who decide to become members of the KGTropicals channel during the stream. Those new members will also be shouted out in this segment.

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