Achieve true 3D printing with non planar slicing

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This is the most interesting thing I’ve done with my 3D printer in some time. Instead of printing in a series of 2D planes stacked up to form a 3D shape (2.5D), this non planar technique creates geometry with true 3D tool paths that can eliminate the steps often seen on shallow surfaces. Based on the amazing Masters Thesis of Daniel Ahlers and the University of Hamburg, this development can be tried yourself if you are willing to put in some time to setting it up.

In this video I’ll lead you through step by step on how to setup a virtual Linux machine on your PC, compile the custom version of Slic3r and then share with you my results. The future is bright and I thank people like Daniel Ahlers and Moritz Walter for leading the way.

The STL, gcode and Slic3r profile for the final test – print at your own

The 2018 version I showcase step by step in this
Original viral video from the
Github with custom version of slic3r and step by step instructions to
Master thesis if you want to read up in
Guide to setting up Linux on a Windows 10 PC in
Virtual box
Ubuntu image
Shared folder setup in Virtualbox
Hero Me fan duct for Ender 3:
Hero Me guide and

The 2016 version I showed briefly at the start of the
Hackaday article on non-planar
Github for above post
Strawberry Perl for Windows (needed to run the script):

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