12 Days of Christmas Give Aways 12 Wave 2 Toys Skylanders Swap Force Xmas Contest

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Hey Subskybers! We love Christmas, we love giving, so it only makes sense that we have a contest!! 12 days of XMAS Give Aways from Swap Force!
All of Swap Force Wave 2 Toys!
12 Winners!
Starts 12/6/13 and it should end the 17th of December, but we most likely will pick a couple of days to release two contests in one day so it can end sooner and not so close to Christmas. 🙂

Up for

AA Gill ( leolegotoy)
TB Chop ( Erica Thims)
Non LC Star ( Cole Early)
HD ( TheCerealPlant)
Boom ( John Knight / thejnoche)
( Mario experts 51 / FB Ben Todd)
( Larry Watson)
Night ( Nathan Maroko)
KO ( Taylor Sartwell)
Grilla ( Linda Lair)
BB Trigger ( MrPikachu1277)
Fire ( Tepig Girl)

Each daily video will be up and public for roughly one day. We will close the comments section on the video once it is over. The master winners list will be released sometime Mid December but we will update the winners list on Facebook at www.facebook.com/skylanderkids, you do not have to have a FB account to view anything on our Facebook page so don’t worry, just stop on by.

Also, please be patient if we are a little slow with this, this is a busy time of year and we are doing our best to fit this contest in for you guys! 🙂 So if you are a winner, the faster you contact us, the better! 🙂

Thanks for Watching! Enjoy the video & Good Luck!

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